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TASHI DELEK (Documentary)

Title: TASHI DELEK (Documentary)
Director: Peeter Rebane
 A boy’s journey through Tibet in search of truth. 
TASHI DELEK is a coming of age story of Tashi.  On a wider scale, it is a story about a small nation struggling to keep its identity since opening of borders 22 years ago.  It is a universal story about the conflict between spiritualism and materialism. 
Tashi is a 17 year old teenager who loves to play football and basketball, have fun with his friends and listen to pop music. He is also a monk studying at Pema Tsal Sakya Buddhist Monastery, sent here by his parents at the age of 6.  Soon, Tashi faces the most important decision in his life.
We follow Tashi on his long journey home through the Himalayas to visit his father,  witnessing the present day life and customs of one of the best preserved traditional Tibetan communities in the world.