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Mark Nevils

Mark Nevils Executive Producer

Raised in the heart of the Midwest and educated at the University of Missouri’s renowned School
of Journalism followed by Drake University’s Executive Master’s Business program, Mark spent
twelve years in the advertising and corporate world progressing brand marketing, creative direction
and interactive content production.

The transition to the film industry came at a time when production companies adept in commercial
business applications combined with connective storytelling and emotive cinematography were
difficult to find. As co-founder of The Factory, Mark contributes his practical experience and natural
creative vision to The Factory’s cadre of talent. With over a decade of modern business experience
leading creative teams, his primary role as a producer has supported a myriad of cross-industry
commercial clients and now feature films.

Mark’s greatest project to date has been managing an infant. With the arrival of his first son Aedan,
experiencing a child’s stunning effect on priorities and our understanding of the raw depths of
human affection have been positively illuminating.